Mikey Rourke to play lesbian rugby star in new movie

After a rollercoaster career and for more than a decade, Mikey Rourke has won an extraordinary return landing award in recent years in action packed blocks. However, his next arrangement stays away from his usual characters as he plays Gareth Thomas, the world's only openly gay rugby star and male player in a movie about his life.

The actor got in touch with the Rugby Star after reading about his story, as he is a big rugby fan who has been interested in making rugby films for many years and was associated with Thomas through a mutual friend in rugby league. Is. He invited her to the Jتاtan Ross audience, to which he was a guest, and later invited her to meet him for dinner.

Although a Hollywood heavyweight, most of them are no strangers to physical sports after their training for BAFA and the Golden Globe. He is also a training boxer and fought professional warfare during his break from the 1990s.

Thomas is said to be happy and ecstatic by Rover's interest in his life. His career began at a youth level at a local club, following the transfer of his family to a series of transfers to the club. He played his hometown Welsh Premier Division title in 2003 in Japan for three years in Cardiff, the Welsh capital. The record was first recorded against Italy in 1999 for Wales against Japan in 1995. He holds the highest record. Over 100 events in their country.

In 2006, Rugby International revealed that after an neck injury during the game, there was a shock in an interview later that day, later he arrived at the hospital and was informed that he had thrown a patient in his neck. Given. He was afraid it might lead to his retirement, but resumed it at the start of the 2006-07 season.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, he usually 'came out' but insisted that he did not want to be called a 'gay rugby player' because he was a rugby player, and a man first. They have often talked about how they expect their decision to make young players feel comfortable with their sexuality and are unlikely to be among the most fun sports in the world. Understand anyone.

But don't worry Rourke will be targeted as his rugby shoes and rugby training shirt are still more than 20 years older than the rugby star.