Seven new films are released we are moving this summer

Remember when you were in school, and no matter how much you thought of the school year, you knew that - the biggest time of your life - summer vacation? At any rate, this applies to movie lovers as well, as summer is usually accompanied by a great crop of new movie releases that are sure to please all of us movie fans. Well, at least, those who are big fans of summer blocks are sure to be excited.

This is probably the biggest criticism of films that have appeared during the summer months. It seems like an unusual rule for filmmakers to film the biggest, most explosive action movie that makes every bounce of life outside of CGI and break the bank with a stuntman salary. Is.

But is that such a bad thing? Think about it. Why do we go to the movies? Are we trying to have a serious philosophical debate about humanity, or do we think that the concept of Jerusalem plays a role in our lives from birth to death? no. We go to the movies for fun. We want big blasts. We look forward to killer car chases and crazy stunts because we don't have to think about it. When you were in school, consider your true love for summer vacations. This means that for a few months, you spend more time thinking about which grains to eat instead of algebra. Summer is a great time about movies.

As such, here are seven new movie releases that are sure to explode in summer 2018:

Avengers: Infinity War - The whole gang comes together to fight their biggest regret, Thanos, the fate of the line itself.

Solo: A Star Wars Story - How did Hanno Sao meet Shobuka and Lando join Kelsian? This is the story you've been waiting for.

Deadpool 2 - America's favorite proud "hero" is back to fight a new force he never liked.

Ocean 8 - A group of eight female criminal masters set up a team to stop the "crime of the century".

Heritage - a horror movie that has been hailed as one of the most terrifying films of the year, is unique in how a family suffers from death.

The Incredibles 2 - A decade-and-a-half in the making, our superhero family strives to maintain the balance of a home life and fight the evil with some interesting home structures.

Ant Men and Wash - Superheroes balance their personal lives as powerful creatures who balance responsibility. Remember a trend?