New Releases on DVD - Top 5 Action New Movies 2008

Are you interested in action films? Every year there are new and exciting action movies released. Some are good, some, not so good. The above are my picks for the 2008 top action films.

(1) Ironman

Iron Man - Starringer Robert Downey Jr., Gwent Petro. After a life-threatening accident, Tony Stark must make himself an armored suit. The suit is so effective he decides to use it to fight evil.

(2) Dark Knight

Dark Knight - Christian story, marked Heath Ledger. Batman's partners, along with Batman Lt. Jim Gordon and DA Harvey Dante, relieved Gotham's criminal organizations. However, the Joker has other ideas.

(3) Quantum Slices

Quantum Slices - Starring Daniel Craig, Judy Dench. In this bond fic, we find 007 to prevent a woman from dying.

(4) Speed ​​Racer is


, so it's not really one of the best 2008 movies, but the action sequences are among the best. Watch for action alone.

(5) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls of

Britain --- Dark Harrison Ford and Shia LaBeouf. Ford has consolidated his role as Indiana Jones for the last time and proves that 65 may not be too old to be a hero.