New Movie Generation - Individual Movie Individuals

Growing budget in independent films: It used to be that Indie Flex was low budget, it acted in the worst way the drama was created with bad sound. With young actors and rising stars now looking to attend the Academy Awards, you certainly have to find at least one super low budget per year.

Well, it has not really increased the budget, it is also cheaper and better technology. Primer, which managed to pull off an incredible film made with 2,000 cameras, street actresses, and natural light, with a great script, smart shots and good workforce. This is becoming more and more common. The Blair Witch Project is another example. It is not a high definition of technology to be a good film, nor a success. If you want to do a space station movie or an action fic, you may need a budget, but for dramas or land-bound films, you can get almost any equipment from almost any equipment. Just make sure you are dedicated to the project and you can be a winner.

It's cool: When a lot of people pass through the movie rental space, they become aware that "the movie is selected for ..." or "the winner ..." ensures that the movie Watching is on the article, and some people have seen it (or at least more than any major release). It's fun to talk about movies that used to win a prize at Cannes or Sunshine. They make more money than ever on DVD in the theater. This actually saves them promotional costs and allows them to earn better profit margins.

Supporting the Stars: Robert Redford, supports the Sundance Film Festival, the largest American film award show. Big movies usually kick in, especially the recent "Murder by James Ford killer Robert Ford." Not only does this raise awareness for films, but it promotes the whole aspect of the award show and any movie is selected whose icon becomes an official choice.

So the last question in pop. Will awards and festivals take over the movie rental business and many films go straight to the video? Will there be too much hype and press that the free people will still not be free from the rest? Only time will give us the answer, but as long as it is contrary to the big blocks, do not examine the major awards and prizes at every major film festival to treat it.