Disabled actor cast as lead in the new movie "Gospel"

DCE 20, 2006 - Disability actor Eddie McGee stars in the movie St Paul Howe Entertainment, Inc. for

Eddie McGee, who has lost a leg to cancer during his twelve years, struggling to overcome And has been instrumental in Paul Howe's Gospel, which recently finished post production and is living on the Film Festival certificate. When CBS's Show Bag Brown won it became one of the most famous imprints in the world, recently completing the film for Law and Order and Residential Light.

"Normally I cast as a returning soldier, who lost his leg in the fight. But Paul (huh) was none of it." Eddie told his New York home.

"Paul first put me in Chris Jericho's music video" Enemy, "which was censored for MTV. I played a man who got out of a wheelchair and had 20 solos in his hands. And using the hands goes - pure judgment suicide. We certainly got some hate for it. Paul (Ho) believes that the disabled should not play the traditional disabled role, and in angel action and I play a character string included stunt work. it's unbelievable how completely disabled character in a new light. "

they can laugh and say" Audi is disabled. whatever be the If he tells you. He's an incredible actor and I accept this award. "

Hook is not afraid of controversy. The multi-award winning documentary about backyard wrestling about its internationally-baked boat was criticized by John Stuart of Newsday: "Here Paint World Wrestling Fun" The version of the size is that children play as pornography, which is complicated by the children attending and their adopted parents. "Yet Dave Kerr of the New York Times said:" This is a weird tribal study. The American is as young as this strange tribe. "

For Han, the angel would be equally controversial. "I believe that people who feel that Eddie should not play the role that I cast him in. Well, I honestly don't think disability role as a credible role for disabled people. Normally this is usually good and I hope with films like Angel that the doors will start to open up for other, non-traditional characters for passive actors. And others like them need the former Iraq war veteran to survive?