Friday, 2 March 2018

Xiaomi Mi 4A TV Launching In India

Xiaomi Mi 4A TV Release Date

Xiaomi is one of the successful company in the market by selling smartphones. This company started on April 6 in 2010 and they will sell mobile phones, laptops, home devices, tablet computers etc. The xiaomi products are manufactured in china.

Now recently xiaomi has announced about Xiaomi Mi 4A TV with 50 inch High Definition screen. It is a sixth variation TV from xiaomi before they released five TV's which they named as with 4A and this series was started on 2017. In this model xiaomi has concentrated on display of TV, Xiaomi Mi 4A TV was coming with 50 inch display which is best to give a live visualization and the price will be around Rs 23,800.

As per the competition in Television market xiaomi slowly setting a bench mark with their price and features of their products. Xiaomi has released the first look and release date of the product Xiaomi Mi TV 4A in their official twitter account.

Features of Xiaomi Mi 4A TV :-

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A is coming with 50-Inch display and 3840 x 2160 resolution it will gives the Ultra High Definition 4K picture and the refresh rate is 60HZ and it will support HDR10+ HLG, so user can watch TV with 4K UHD screen. And second best feature in this Xiaomi Mi TV 4A is they gives Dolby Atmos Sound system with left and right side of TV and additionally they gives Mi TV Bar 10 speakers, 2 speakers is wireless satellite speakers, so we can put that speakers arround in the room and one sub woofer Speaker. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A will give theater experience to the user with 3D Dolby Atmos sound.

Xiaomi Mi TV processor is L962 quad-core and they gives 8GB storage space to store any files like videos in the TV. And third best feature in this TV is eye strain we can adjust the eye strain from the TV so if we watch the TV at full of day also our eyes will not effect. They gives WiFi 802.11ac feature to connect with WiFi so then we can watch online videos and internet. The TV remote was came with Bluetooth remote control like the remote will work with Bluetooth. Xiaomi Mi 4A has a 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports which we can connect mobiles by using USB cable, AV input, an ethernet port, and an S/PDIF audio output port with this option we can connect extra speakers or home theater.

Release Date :-

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A will release on this month March 7 2018 at 3PM in india. Check more details about the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A in Mi Official Website.