Sunday, 4 March 2018

WhatsApp Extended The Time For Delete Messages To 4096 Seconds

WhatsApp Delete Message

WhatsApp is one of the most used application for chatting with friends, family relatives and any others. If we have the phone number means we can chat with them, WhatsApp was started in the year of 2009 and it will work almost all OS like Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry OS. The best feature in WhatsApp is we can send the messages instantly like without taking anytime the message will be reach to the second person. And we don't want to pay any money to use WhatsApp it was free of cost.

One by one WhatsApp was adding new features into the application, from Voice Call to Video Calls we can make it in WhatsApp.

Now the recently the WhatsApp development team has announced the they are increasing the time for to delete WhatsApp messages. This feature was introduced mainly for the persons who will send the messages mistakenly then we deleted that particular message for everyone. If we send the message to the unknown person or sended the message mistakenly no need to worries, the WhatsApp has a feature called delete the message. So if we long press to that particular message means it will shows the options called Delete Message For Us and Delete For Everyone with this option we can delete the message. But this Delete For Everyone option will work for only 7 minutes from your sending after that time the Delete For Everyone option will not work and that message will delivered to the second person

The latest update is they are extended the time from seven minutes to extra to delete the messages, In the social networks only WhatsApp has this delete the message feature now this feature has going to update WhatsApp Beta Version (v2.18.69) for Android users can delete the message for everyone up to 4,096 seconds it means 68 minutes and 16 seconds in the chat.

For window user has a current feature 7 minutes time to delete their message and as per news from the Team WhatsApp, As soon they will release this feature in Windows OS also. The extension can be required to advance toward the steady form soon. It is additionally allegedly advancing toward the iPhone application soon.

And soon WhatsApp was going to release another feature called Group Video Calling option to android users. Now we have the video calling option for single person and the WhatsApp development team has announced that they are releasing group video call option to android users. In this feature we can connect with four persons into video call at a time.

Whats App Delete Message Feature

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